Aku mahu mereka melihat aku sebagai manusia yang berjaya .

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Make money . It will help you to get better .

Assalammualaikum . Here me . Budak hitam . Yes im still alive . It is my come back to write something new here . With my new me . With my 21 years old. No more 18 when i starting to be blogger . Yes i know my life getting so slow and difficult . Yes . Allah never give you the happiness all the time . It is my hard time . Being so lazy to do ANYTHING. Everyday i just land in my bed . Keep eating . Watching television . Dragon city games. Yes i know i am so far away from my creator . I dont know how to be like before . So distress . I'm alone . But i love being lonely . Nobody can hurt you . BUT YOU HURT YOURSELF . You just talking to yourself . Nobody can hear you . What you think . What  you feel . NOBODY . Yes like now . You are just typing you are just typing . Yes that word . YOU ARE JUST TYPING THAT WORD. Yes i know im just typing im just typing . SO WHAT ? And you ? you're just reading my word . Ohh so lonely being lonely . Im hurt . i think i must make my life like before . Lot of joy and happiness . First thing: Make money . LOTS of money . bye .
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